Thursday, September 13, 2007


Hope this doesn't jinx me, but since my cousin was in town and inspired me, I have tried my dangedest to keep my kitchen clean, baby steps right. Well it has now been two weeks and I have done it!! Clean clean clean! No dishes to do in the morning, just a clean load to unload. What a great feeling. I have also been organizing and creating a place for everything in the kids rooms. This way when I tell them to put something away there is somewhere for it to go. Smart huh?!
This is part of my quest to conquer the clutter. It is coming along slowly, but it is looking great. I will take pics and update asap.Good night!

Friday, September 7, 2007

A book review

I recently read a book---ya I know, I actually read a book. I haven't really done that since the kids were born, it actually felt really good to read something, thought I must admit in this case it wasn't exactly a great read.
So here is what I thought of 'The Pampered Child Syndrome'.
To start off I found it very interesting. It went through all the different parenting styles and the way children turn out as a result of each style. I found things I wanted to change about myself and things that I want to watch for in the future, but most of it was common sense.

If you put any thought into it you could come up with the outcome yourself. However it was insightful because I have not had the time or brain juice to think that deeply into the subject.

Now the only complaint I really have with the book, and the reason I kept reading, was I was looking for the magical solutions chapter. I kept hoping as I started the next chapter that it was going to fill me in on how to avoid and fix some of the problems created by the different parenting styles. But it gave more info for teachers how to deal with the parents and the kids in the classroom than strategies to help readjust your child to non-pamperedness.
So overall I was disappointed, it seems to beg for a sequel, so much was unsaid.

However it did remind me to keep my eyes open to watching my behavior and how I am forming my children by my actions or lack thereof.