Monday, July 30, 2007

Back on!

OK, so after giving my self a swift kick in the arse and boxing my own ears I am back at it. I tackled the mess and kicked it's butt!!!! The kitchen is sparkling, bathroom glistening, beds made, floors washed and carpets vacuumed. Dining room table got windexed, mail sorted, shoes straightened...I could go on, I am a machine today!!!! Oh, and did I mention I did it all in an hour, ha, I am sooooo patting myself on the back! This is my reward, a big blog break, and I hope to read all the ones on my blogroll too.
Then I am off to get prettied up and wear my new heals and go out to dinner. I love the feeling of getting caught up.
Dave had the day off and the kids both had naps at the same time so I have to thank him for the help with the kids or it would have taken me all day to accomplish what I did. So no I am not a super-mom on top of it all. When I manage to get it all done with the kids hanging off my legs I will tell you I am a super-mom, but till then, nope, not at all, just a mean, not quite lean cleaning machine!

Sunday, July 29, 2007


I have two days worth of dishes sitting on my counter, I completely fell off the flylady wagon, I need help! Not shining a sink tonight, hope I get it together in the morning! Seems if I stray from my daily schedule I get all out of whack, now all I can think of is all the fun things I would rather be doing and am doing in avoidance!
Naughty me!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Kaitlyn's closet

Kaitlyn's closet had deteriorated to a sorry embarrassing mess and every time I had thought to clean it she was sleeping in her room and it would get put off. So finally I made it a priority.
I thought I would use a second bar to organize her dresses better and then she could pick one and dress herself. Bad idea!! She hid behind it, pulled dresses down, changed a few times and then pulled down the bar by trying to hang from it.
So instead her dresses are all squeezed onto the top bar but are organized by colour
and I hung her purses (my old purses) on nails underneath.

Now for my night.....out!!!!! I had a night out without the kids or Dave!
Pretty in Pink picked me up and we went to Rock Creek tap and grill for a girls only dinner and drinks. I wish I had taken the camera, we both looked so hot---and felt it too considering it was almost 40 degrees C out there! the food was great, I had the Bang bang chicken and shrimp, soooo yummy! And Pip had the Roasted veg quesadilla, something I will have to try cause it looked super delish too! Go to their menu to check em out. Anyway it was such a fun time. We got to know each other better, shared life and family stories and discussed raising kids. Something that I find overwhelms me with such a huge sense of responsibility. I want to be the best mom I can and not screw up my kids! It is such a huge job and I only get one chance and I sure hope I get it right!
Anyway it was a really nice break, I felt like I talked and interrupted way too much, (sorry pip) it was just so great to talk to another adult, really talk, with no diaper changes, wiping of little hands and faces or shushing or coloring. I even had to borrow one of Kaitlyn's purses to take with me since I have lugged the diaper backpack with me everywhere for the last 2 yrs!
Pip, thank you soooo much for getting me out!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Meet mrs Fly!

Well today was a productive day. I finally had the fire lit under my butt and got it in gear! Thank you Kim!!!!! She sent me the link to Fly Lady ( I had heard of it before, but never read the site) yesterday and it got me back in the grove and cleaning places and organizing things I would never have gotten around to otherwise.
I woke up today and hit the day Flying! Got dressed, made coffee, dressed the kids, had breakfast, unloaded the dishwasher, reloaded it, cleaned all surfaces of the kitchen and under the sink, purged and organized, even dealt with a hidden pile of misc stuff.
Then I moved on to the front entrance, washed the doors, walls, and handles and put crap away. Next on my list was the dining room, my catch all of mail, papers and whatever comes into the house. All cleaned up and put away. Then the living room got straightened and the bathroom too! Finally, lunch and a reward to myself of checking my e-mail.
Then it was off with the computer and outside with the kids.
Naps did not come easily and the afternoon was not smooth, I recleaned the living room at least 3 times and never got to vacuuming. Oh well, I was happy with my accomplishments for the day. I would love to plan tomorrow and polish and dust everything I missed today, but I know how planning goes here, so I will fly by the seat of my pants and try to squeak in as many 15 min power cleans here and there as possible, a dint in the dive is still a dint and the dints add up to a pretty nice clean house, yee ha, I am blogging almost guilt free.

My big oops of the day was when I found out that a load of laundry has been sitting in the washing machine for at least 4 days. I thought Dave had taken care of it and he thought I laundry is once again my enemy. This is when I wish for main floor laundry again, so I can see it and don't have to wait for the kids to sleep to sneak off the basement and do a load. I used to hate main floor laundry. We had it right outside the bedrooms in a closet in the hall of our old house. Hearing it, and having piles of sorted stuff ready to wash on the floor of the hall drove me nuts. Now I understand how it keeps you on top of the situation and is sooooo convenient!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Nap, sweet nap....eventually.

So I have been perplexed about nap time. It seems every day when both kids get fussy it is such a battle to get them down. It's not that they don't want to sleep, they keep each other up.
I plop one in front of the TV and take the other to put down in bed, just as one is about to drift off the other starts to cry, and both are up and fussy again. I end up nursing them together to calm them down and we try the whole thing over again only with the opposite child, same thing....sometimes it takes 2 hours to get them down for naps and by that time all my grand cleaning plans are thrown out the window because I need a nap too. There has got to be a better way!!!
It is not like this every day-thank goodness. Sometimes Ethan is tired before Kaitlyn and goes down without her caring for attention and some days it is the other way around. Those days are great, but the days they are on the same schedule, aaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkk!!!!!