Friday, April 13, 2007

Here goes...warning...breast-feeding vent.

I decided I wanted a place I could vent or just air whatever is going on in my head, how regularly I do this is yet to be seen. I find I often want to say things on my main blog but I know that may of my readers (especially the grandpas) wouldn't like to read it nor would I want them to. This way those of you who want to know my ramblings from a mommy point of view can read here.

So .... there have been a few things lately that have been on my mind, brought to my attention via other blogs and e-mails, so I thought I would share my point of view. You may change your view of me or decide I am crazy, for those of you who love me anyway,,,thank you, this is me!

yes I still breast feed both babies. People ask all the time and make comments about this but it is decision I have made and am quite happy about it. We have had a few rough patches over the last 20 months. When I hit my second trimester with Ethan, Kaitlyn was only 6 months old and didn't take a bottle ( we pushed and pushed it regularly to no avail) and my milk turned back to colostrum. She starved for a month and 2 days, sipping bits of water here and there to keep herself alive. I was afraid for her life and we saw doctors and nurses every few days. They kept telling me that a baby will not let itself starve and after 2 weeks will take a bottle. Kaitlyn was stubborn and pushed the limits, she lost weight, became listless and no longer had regular poops or pees, I was freaking out! She would try to nurse every 30 minutes around the clock, and would cry and cry, this was a horrible time for us and I cried along with her. When she finally came to terms with her willpower and took the bottle we were all so happy! We came so close to loosing her (or so I thought) I just couldn't understand how the health professionals didn't take it more seriously!
Once Ethan was born and I was nursing him in the hospital Kaitlyn took her bottle threw it, climbed up on the bed and tried to push Ethan out of her way, she wanted to nurse again. I hadn't planned on this but found that it was precious time just for the two of us, when she could have me all to herself. So still to this day I am nursing both of them, usually taking turns, though there are times I have nursed both of them at the same time, so back-breaking!
When it comes to supply I have been blessed with more milk than both of them could ever finish and they are little chubs. However just over a week ago I got Mastitis, and that awful engorged feeling was there, I hadn't had that for 6 month! I thought I was coming down with a flu bug, had a killer headache, was light sensitive and achy, I had a sore boob but thought it was just tired(sometimes they get sore and tired). By the time I went to bed I had the chills and was quivering so I took 2 Tylenol and hit the sack. The next morning I still had a sore boob and it felt hot and hard, that was when I realized I had to get to the doc asap. I got the meds and am fine now, we caught it in time! Other than that I have been very lucky and had no other complications. Now I just have to decide when it's time to ween, I think soon, definitely by K's second b-day.

Ok, thats a start, next up for topics is co-sleeping, I have had a lot of flack and some support over this one...and well a lot of debates, seems to be a hot, really hot topic out there right now.

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prettyinpink said...

I truly admire you for nursing both of your children. I think you are inspiring!