Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Resolve and 10 step plan

I am on day three and step 4 of my new 10 step plan new resolve to keep the house clean. It took two days, Dave taking the kids for long walks and four hours of crazy work like mad cleaning. Every nook and cranny of the living/dining room front hall and kitchen have been cleaned, dusted, sorted and washed. What an amazing feeling and the hubby is happy! I finally got stuff put away that has been sitting around since we moved in, the space feels so much bigger!

I still have to go through the bedrooms and sort clothes, get rid of a bunch, and tidy up. Getting rid of clothes, especially the kids is not something I am ready to do just yet, I might need them again someday. At least right now that is my excuse.

So I have been picking up as I go along, which sometimes I really don't want to do and think 'I'll come back to that in a few minutes', but I now I really won't so I am forcing my self to do it as I go. I hope it becomes second nature really quickly because right now it's hard and sometimes I just want to sit down and pretend I don't have to do it.

I am now sitting here blogging feeling almost guilt free, I know there is still laundry to be done, but there always is. It is like a burden has been lifted, well partially anyway, and my mind has some creative space to play, no longer crowded by clutter distracting and nagging me. I still have another 6 steps to go before I am completely free, but I understand they are steps and progress is progress. Right!? I hope I can keep this up and now that I have shared it and people know about my struggle I hope this helps me to be more accountable. I should go now and work on the next step while both babies are napping (a rare occurrence when they do it together). I usually try to take advantage of their naps and sneak one in of my own but I chugged coffee today so I will survive!

Dave and I made a pact that he take the kids for regular walks sans me so I can get this house work done without taking time away from them. Hope this keeps working!

This is what it should always look like, ahh, uncluttered space!


The Chatty Housewife- said...

I love your house. It's nice. Are those built ins around the fireplace or free standing bookshelves? They are so nice, I wish I had more places to store things like that.

familymclean said...

Ya they're built in. I didn't like them at first, but now I love the storage and cannot imagine not having them!