Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bubble bath - miracle cleaner

So here's the deal, I have been trying to get the house clean, really clean, organize every last crany and even do some purging. This is so hard, I just never catch up! One room gets destroyed by the kids as I try to keep a step ahead.

The floor in the bathroom got done tonight, not on the list for tonight but when a little girl takes off her easy-up and steps in poo and walks around the bathroom you kinda get forced into an alternate schedule. I think I will now got back and do the toilet and tub, might as well get that room out of the way for the week.

I used to use Scrub Free or Scum Free (something like that)and other similar products to clean the tub but when I got pregos I couldn't stomach all the chemically stench and was afraid of the fumes so I switched to Avon bubble bath, (this is a must click just to see all the uses) and it is so awesome I will never go back to the stinky stuff.

The bonus is that it can be used to clean a load of other things, and it works really well! Now the thing for me is that if it works so well on cleaning all this stained stuff why would I want to use it to bathe----what the heck is in it, I am afraid it will melt off my skin or something!

Dave and I used to clean the lab I worked in for some extra cash on the side. Over a few years we tried tons of different cleaners and commercial products to get a streak free shine to the floors, turned out that Avon delivered with the bubble bath and we could choose the scent we liked (mmmm, peach was yummy). Anyway, for the tub I just love it and I don't worry about chemical residue for my babes baths, and nasty smells!

Ahh, I just inspired myself, so much for the rest of this post, it will have to wait, I am off to clean the bathroom!


JeniBeans said...

OH WOW! Good thing I know an Avon Rep who would be more than happy to sell me some! That's great that it cleans so well and so much!

My mother in law always uses like a cheap dish soap on hers. Dove or Ivory liquid, I think. Worked great when she had me do hers one time.

Thanks for the tip!

BeachMama said...

Cool trick. That being said I would not use it again for a bath, but I may make that household purchase and see how it works on the tiles.