Wednesday, August 8, 2007


So remember how I was so excited about getting on top of the housework. Well, I seem to have a tough time with it, I am like a roller coaster. Maybe it is my artsy fartsy distracted brain, but the whole weekend went to schmuck....again. Dishes piled up for a couple days on the counter and getting the most basic of housework done was sooo hard. I was dragging. Sorry bout these lamo posts, I just haven't had much to write about over here. I think of things during the day and then when I sit down, whoosh, gone.


Anonymous said...


I was looking at your paintings and was wondering if you are going to try to paint your lilies. Are you going to try? I think they would be lovely.

Got to go!

Love Aunty Kathy

BeachMama said...

That happens to me all the time too. I think of all these wonderful things to write about then when the time comes I stare blankly at the screen. I must start writing them down.