Wednesday, October 10, 2007


So, I know it has been a while. Guess I have been busy. Well sorta, I have really been avoiding this blog. It has become a bit of an accountability spot for me and I have not been doing so great. The whole flylady thing did not work out for me. Sure I think it is a great idea, if you get more than 2 hours of sleep and have older kids. With the nights I have had over the last few weeks and the mornings to follow I have been a walking zombie and the house has fallen apart.
I wish my kids would sleep!!!!

Even just a good nap, together, would help me through the day.
Since we got back from Edmonton they have been a little better but last week did me in. I needed a break and going away for a bit of a holiday was good.

I know it didn't help that the kids and Dave got Impetigo and had to be on meds. I have still to catch up with all the laundry left in the impetigo wake. Everything must be washed, sheets and clothes and blankets and towels, any thing that may have been touched with the infected area.

My laundry pile before we left was 9 feet long and 3 feet high. I am less than half way through and have yet to add everything from our trip to it. I know I could just go to a laundromat and get it all done at once, but that would require an insane amount of effort to pack it all up and haul it all down and then entertain the kids at the same time...ya, it is out of the question!

I need a fairy laundry lady to come and spend a few days around the clock to catch up. Oh it is not the in and out of the wash or the sorting in to lights, mediums or darks that gets me down, it is all the folding and putting away.

So........On our way home from Edmonton Dave and I discussed options.

One would be to hire help in the form of a cleaning team, the other option would be to have someone watch the kids so I can get stuff done.

I like option # 2 better since I like to have things done my way and having the break from the kids is good for my brain, well what is left of it.

It seems that with the minimal amounts of sleep that I have been getting (max one 2 hr stretch every night) that I am burning a lot of cells and I fear that they are not regenerating, I sure am not feeling very smart lately! There seems to come a point where you just crash, emotionally, physically and mentally.

Maybe this is why I have felt like I am having an identity crisis.
Now that is another post all together! When I have time (ha, ha) and feel like I have figured that one out I'll write about it.


JeniBeans said...

hey. first of all, don't feel bad about falling off the flylady wagon. I usually do it after only a couple weeks of being ON it. haha. Anyway..on to the laundry issue. I have 4 kids, at present, with the 5th due in another week and a half. I can't tell you just how many loads of laundry I do a week but I CAN share some tips that have really helped me out.

1. I wash clothes according to whos is whos. i.e., I wash my oldest sons alone, then my two younger boys together, since they share clothes and a room and dresser, etc.

2. I fold them immediately as they finish in the dryer. I fold them on top of the washer, therefore I have to put them away before I can 'reboot' both machines.

This really does help me a lot. And I try to do 2 loads a day. At the very least. Just because I have so much of it. It keeps me on top of it so I'm not always battling mt. washmore.

Hope these help you or give you your own ideas. =)

familymclean said...

oh, boy, I must be a lost cause! I also fold on my machine as I go along. It is getting it all upstairs and into the right places. My hub hangs everything and Kaitlyn wears a lot of is really the hanging part that gets to me. I hate hanging things!
I dont think I could wash each persons seperatly though, I would have 12 piles rather than 3, how do you do that?
Thank you though, I really needed a boost! I should go get on it now.

beck said...

Oh man. I don't know what to say other than you rock and hang in there - you'll find a way!

JeniBeans said...

Well, you know, sometimes I actually toss that idea out the window. LOL It happens, as stuff usually does, which is why I usually fall off the FL wagon too. But yesterday I found myself tossing clothing in with clothing, no matter who's it was. Just so I could get it DONE! And I've been losing a lot of sleep lately so my putting away has been slacking a TON, as you can tell by looking at my Mt. PUT THESE CLOTHES AWAY-more on top of my couch. hahahaha.

Today is yet another day though, and I'm ready to just get stuff DONE. Maybe the laundry will be included. haha.