Saturday, July 14, 2007

Meet mrs Fly!

Well today was a productive day. I finally had the fire lit under my butt and got it in gear! Thank you Kim!!!!! She sent me the link to Fly Lady ( I had heard of it before, but never read the site) yesterday and it got me back in the grove and cleaning places and organizing things I would never have gotten around to otherwise.
I woke up today and hit the day Flying! Got dressed, made coffee, dressed the kids, had breakfast, unloaded the dishwasher, reloaded it, cleaned all surfaces of the kitchen and under the sink, purged and organized, even dealt with a hidden pile of misc stuff.
Then I moved on to the front entrance, washed the doors, walls, and handles and put crap away. Next on my list was the dining room, my catch all of mail, papers and whatever comes into the house. All cleaned up and put away. Then the living room got straightened and the bathroom too! Finally, lunch and a reward to myself of checking my e-mail.
Then it was off with the computer and outside with the kids.
Naps did not come easily and the afternoon was not smooth, I recleaned the living room at least 3 times and never got to vacuuming. Oh well, I was happy with my accomplishments for the day. I would love to plan tomorrow and polish and dust everything I missed today, but I know how planning goes here, so I will fly by the seat of my pants and try to squeak in as many 15 min power cleans here and there as possible, a dint in the dive is still a dint and the dints add up to a pretty nice clean house, yee ha, I am blogging almost guilt free.

My big oops of the day was when I found out that a load of laundry has been sitting in the washing machine for at least 4 days. I thought Dave had taken care of it and he thought I laundry is once again my enemy. This is when I wish for main floor laundry again, so I can see it and don't have to wait for the kids to sleep to sneak off the basement and do a load. I used to hate main floor laundry. We had it right outside the bedrooms in a closet in the hall of our old house. Hearing it, and having piles of sorted stuff ready to wash on the floor of the hall drove me nuts. Now I understand how it keeps you on top of the situation and is sooooo convenient!


JeniBeans said...

I LOVE FlyLady. She changed me into a completely different mom and wife! Then, unfortunately, I got pregnant with my 4th baby, the sickies hit, and I fell off the FlyLady wagon. So then I try to get back on...get pregnant again and the whole things goes around like a re-run of a bad sitcom from the 70's.

HOWEVER, I am NOT discouraged...I am now 6.5 mths pregnant with my 5th and for the most part the sickies have left the building. So I am working side by side )through yahoo messenger!) with a good friend, doing Fly-drills (15-20 min work sessions) around the house on whatever we feel we need to get done. This works great for me.

I need to sign back up for FL email reminders..I had to delete my subscription because I was getting everything twice. I didn't want to DO everything twice! LOL

Stick with her and your house will be clean clean clean all the time! No more worrying about CHAOS ever again!

And p.s. you've encouraged me to go ahead right now and sign back up for the emails.

Thanks for the swift kick!

beck said...

Good for you!!!

I'm an ex-flybaby. I was just thinking the other day (while scrubbing dried food off the bottom of my sink) that I need to get back in it but it's so tough with a home that is constantly under construction. I think I will get back on it. Bleh.

BeachMama said...

So many people follow the fly lady!! I had a day like that (with help from my Mom weilding a vacuum)yesterday, I felt like my house went from helpless to looking fabulous in no time flat.

Funny you mention the laundry, I have main floor laundry instead of the basement like my old house. ALthough it is less stairs to climb I miss the space for sorting and hanging laundry. I am so thankful that it isn't upstairs near the bedrooms, I would have moved it by now, I think.