Sunday, July 29, 2007


I have two days worth of dishes sitting on my counter, I completely fell off the flylady wagon, I need help! Not shining a sink tonight, hope I get it together in the morning! Seems if I stray from my daily schedule I get all out of whack, now all I can think of is all the fun things I would rather be doing and am doing in avoidance!
Naughty me!

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JeniBeans said...

I'm that way too. If I just get up and get it done I am so proud of myself. But if I ever give in to putting it OFF, I feel like an absolute loser...why? Because I KEEP putting it off..then the next thing you know is I am waking up to a sink full of crusty dishes! YUCK!

The way I do it is I just do the dishes IMMEDIATELY after eating. Gets them out of the way, done for another day and THEN I can REALLY relax. =)