Sunday, October 21, 2007


Thanks everyone for the encouragement and support. I so need to vent sometimes and it seems to flow better when I type, so thank you for bearing with me!
I am feeling better, maybe because it is sunny out today or maybe it is because I painted last night. No, I think it is a combination.
As much as I have really enjoyed this fall it still affected my mood. We just don't get out as much when it is soggy and windy and that seems to be the stage of fall we have entered. The summer like warm days with the crisp leaves have gone and now is the stage I think I have never liked. Smelly, rotten, soggy leaves, tons of moths and frost bitten everything.
Today is sunny though so I shall venture out with the kiddos and maybe find some geese to feed at the park or something.
All I know is that I am not feeling kerfuddled today. Oh, I think that getting the house cleaned up so I could paint guilt free was a huge part.
Now off to paint a project with the tots.

Later gator!

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prettyinpink said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better, Anna!