Saturday, May 19, 2007

A big step!!!

OK so nobody played along, I can cope, pout.
On with the next post.
Big news!!! Kaitlyn has been sleeping on her own the last couple of weeks now. It is strange and I didn't expect it at all, but I have heard that kids that co-sleep will eventually make the change to their own bed when they are ready. If you push it it could be a nightmare, so I was planning to try a slow adaption, a few hours at a time till she was ready. Turns out that one night she decided she was a big girl and that was it.
I think it also really helped that when Emily sleeps over she sleeps in Kaitlyn's bed and so to Kaitlyn it is so cool since the coolest chic in the world sleeps there. So every night and for every nap its "Emily, Emily, bed, Emily" and off she goes with her "bankt" to have "nurse, num, nite-nite." She still wakes a few times through the night and wants to nurse, so I lay with her on her bed and nurse or cuddle till she drifts off again.
The only problem so far has been that she is waking up at 5:30 every morning because the sunlight is streaming though her window. Blackout blinds are a must! I end up hauling her into our bed then and she is yelling "no, Emily, Emily" because she doesn't want to leave her room. But I am too tired so I nurse and cuddle her back to sleep for a few hours in our bed. I am loving the space I now get to stretch out into but I do miss cuddling all night. I do have little "Eth" in our bed still and I cuddle him, but now I don't have one on either side, well I guess I have one little one and one really big one, wink, wink.

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