Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Gotta keep that perspective!!!

So much has happened since the last post, but that is bound to happen since it has been a few days. I have been taking a slight blogging break. Dave says I spend waaaay too much time blogging so I had to prove to him I didn't have to go online every few minutes...it is addictive! So instead I have been working on a banner for the Family McLean blog, it is taking forever and I am struggling with it since I am doing it in Photoshop and using my right hand to draw with the mouse. I tried to use my left had (since I am a south paw) but it felt odd, and my lines were way squigglier, so I guess I must be ambidextrous or something.

Anyway I must say that things are going well, I have been remembering to keep things in perspective and not let the 'poop' get to me.
Speaking of poop.......I think that I was just being prepared for what was to come that day K pooped on her carpet. The Lord really does try to prepare us, we just have to listen and hear the still small voice.....there will be more poop tomorrow, this is just to get your perspective figured out so you don't freak when it happens!

So the following day Ethan woke up early and K and I were still sleepy so I sat him up between K and I with a few toys to play while we dozed a bit. He fell over and started to fuss so I sat him up again and my hand came away covered in slimy poo. I quickly picked him up and he was covered up his back to his neck and the comforter was covered too! I rushed to get him cleaned up and soak the blanket...my favourite super splurge one. This'll teach me not to buy expensive stuff till the kids are grown!

Kaitlyn then woke up and I got her dressed. She proceeded to remove her close, say "pee" and trot off to the b-room. Yaa, I thought maybe she'll do better potty training today! I followed her to the potty where she stood, pooped on the rim, floor and her hand. Ugg!
Bathtime was in order, while I cleaned the floor, potty and then ran to grab babe #2 and finally get his new diaper put on.

This was interrupted by cries of "pee, poo" and off to the bathroom I ran leaving babe #2 with half a diaper put on, only to discover that babe #1 had pooped in the tub, and had it on her hands, smeared on the tub and was surrounded by little floaters.

Ewww, gotta keep that perspective!!!!!

So I cleaned the toys and tub and Kaitlyn, ran a fresh bath and plunked her in. I actually kept calm through the whole incident, sent up a few prayers, and plugged away.
Finally, back to finish Ethan's diaper change and proceed with the day...and make lunch since that was how long the morning dragged. Oh, and make coffee, aaaaaa!

I think that if I hadn't had the day I had the day before I would have fallen apart, but just remembering that this was only a little part of a huge picture and that poop happens and you clean it up and move on, and those little awesome redeeming moments are the ones that remind you what it's all about. The little messes that happen are just that, little messes, moments in time that we can hopefully someday look back on and have a good laugh. If that make any sense at all I don't know. I am not very good at expressing what I have in my head, but at least in makes sense to me in there!


beck said...

Good LORD woman. How do you do it!?!

Decorum Interiors said...

This is why I let other people have kids that I can visit instead of having my own!

Anonymous said...


It will get better! By the time they move out they will be poopy... oops, i mean potty trained. Keep a smile on your face and keep the faith. Miss you and love you lots. Kiss the kids for me. Aunty Kathy

BeachMama said...

What a crazy poopy day! I am so thankful I have yet to experience such a poopy time, somehow it just all came together here. It could be totally different for #2 though, so I am not out of the woods yet.

Wishing you a much less poopy day.